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Your easter egg hunting days may be long behind you, but you can still have plenty of sugar-filled fun this Easter Sunday (no blowing out eggs for three hours required). We recommend starting with one of these pastel cocktails, and then passing up on the processed store-bought candy in favor of making your own.

Better Homes and Gardens has over 20 recipes to make your own sweet treats. If you want to avoid stress and mess as much as possible, try using our complete candy and organic chocolate making kit. Our new smaller truffle making kit is also the perfect addition to a party. Have everyone bring their own kit, then meet up to make them together. growmakecandy2

If you do have kids, keep your little chicks entertained by making candy together on Saturday, and then use the candy in an Easter egg hunt on Sunday.They’ll be extra excited to find their own creation, and you’ll feel better knowing your kids are enjoying goodies without consuming unnecessary chemicals and additives. 


We would also love to see your Easter DIY projects! Turn your homemade marshmallows into bunnies or dip them in chocolate? Share your photos with us on Facebook or shoot us an email.

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