Here’s a sneak peak at the newest DIY kit we are creating at Grow and Make. It’s called Deluxe White Chocolate Mocha Truffle Making Kit. It comes with everything you need to make gourmet chocolate truffles and peanut butter cups at home. This kit includes dark chocolate, white chocolate, cocoa powder, coconut flakes, instant coffee for a delicious coffee mocha taste, a candy making thermometer, silicone cupcake molds to make the perfect shape of peanut butter cups, and it includes recipes and detailed instructions so you can make chocolate candy at home.

There are two main steps to making truffles. The first step is to make a chocolate ganache filling and roll it into small balls. Then temper chocolate and dip ganache filling to create a hard outer shell for your truffles. This kit is designed so you can customize and add your own toppings to make a unique flavor.

White Chocolate Mocha Truffles

Danielle who developed this truffle kit for the Grow and Make subscribers, experimented with many different truffle recipes. Her favorite flavor combo is dark chocolate with coffee to make a rich mocha flavor. This truffle is inspired by a Kona Mocha chocolate which is coated in white chocolate and topped with toasted coconut. It has a scrumptious flavor profile and with smooth creamy and crunchy textures that will make you want to eat this chocolate for every meal.

The kit includes truffle flavor ideas that you can include ingredients you have at home to diversify your truffle assortment. Such as mixing the zest of an orange peel into dark chocolate ganache, or rolling your truffles in chopped almonds. Did you know that chocolate truffles are called truffles because when you roll them in cocoa powder they look like the wild mushrooms delicacy found in nature.

It’s easy to make these chocolates at home with tools you have in your kitchen, but if you want to elevate your new truffle hobby we recommend investing in candy decorating tools

Have you ever made peanut butter cups from scratch? You can customize your peanut butter cups to make unique flavor combinations that you can’t buy in the store. This kit comes with reusable silicone cupcake molds and the chocolate needed to create your own. Just need to add peanut butter or a nut butter of your choice such as almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter, hazelnut spread or even cookie butter. The silicone molds are so easy to use, just fill them up and then the chocolate cups pop out of the mold easily once hardened. Wash and reuse them over and over again. Try the recipe with white chocolate or dark chocolate. You can customize the filling by adding chopped pretzels, fruit jelly, or make a s’mores flavor with marshmallow fluff and graham crackers. If you are feeling fancy you can make a lemon curd and coconut filling with a white chocolate shell. The instruction booklet included has many more flavor combos you can try.

This kit is a great way to make delightful desserts at home with gourmet customizations. Sign up to be a subscriber to receive this kit for the month of April and see what else we are boxing up for you to DIY at home.

Check out whats included in this DIY truffle making kit. Exclusively for subscribers of Grow and Make.

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