Twine Pom-Pom Tutorial

This project is part of our ‘Holiday Gift Wrapping’ article. You can also make these Pom-Poms for your cat, as a decoration or as an ornament.

Find a flat object to wrap your twine around. If you would like to make a small pom-pom, use a fork or spatula. To make a large pom-pom, you can use a larger object such as a piece of cardboard. The length of string, yarn or twine is dependent on the size of your pom-pom, but a good rule of thumb is to start with a couple of feet (you can always add another length of twine if you want the pom-pom to be fuller). Wrap the twine around your object until desired fullness has been achieved (the fuller, the better). Then slip the wrapped twine off of your object and tie another piece of twine around the entire middle. Make sure to tie this knot very tight. Cut the looped ends of the twine, then fluff up the pom-pom. You can trim the ends if they are uneven to achieve a perfect ball shape.

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