By Ananda Floyd |

Avoid the animal products and harsh additives found in mainstream supermarket soaps by making your own. In this tutorial we’re using our Grow and Make Organic Glycerine Soap Making Kit, but the process is the same for any of our kits. This kit comes with 1 lb organic glycerine soap base, a celtic design soap mold with four cavities, lavender essential oil, red and green mineral based colorants, a thermometer and instructions.

We also need a knife, a cutting board, a pot and a spatula (or spoon) to stir in the colorants and scent.


Chop your soap base into cubes and pour into a pot. Place on medium-low heat to melt soap base.


Keep an eye on your soap base as it melts. Try to stir it as little as possible to avoid forming bubbles in the melting soap base. You’ll want to make sure the soap base doesn’t start to boil as this will cause bubbles as well. If the temperature of your soap reaches 120F to 130F you’ll want to remove it from the heat for a couple of minutes. Before our soap base cubes melted fully, at just under 120F, we noticed tiny bubbles starting to form at the bottom of our pot, so we took our base off the heat for 3 minutes before returning to the heat to continue melting.



Once the base is fully melted, add color and scents to the pot and stir as gently as possible. We added about a third of the red colorant and 6 or 7 drops of the lavender essential oil.


Once the color is fully incorporated, pour slowly into each mold cavity.


You’ll notice there are some bubbles in the soap. This will not harm the finished soap, but if you feel it’s unsightly you can spritz the surface with isopropyl alcohol to disperse the bubbles. We skipped this as the bubbles are on the back of the finished soap and not particularly noticeable.


Allow to sit undisturbed until soap begins to harden. Once it’s mostly hard, pop the soap filled molds in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Remove from freezer and turn the mold over, pressing on the center of each mold cavity to release the soap. If they don’t come out easily, return to freezer for another 5 minutes. Our soaps came out great and have a lovely lavender scent.


The soaps from Grow and Make’s soap making kits are ready to use immediately (no curing needed!). It is best to wrap each soap individually in plastic wrap to keep the soap looking it’s best during storage. We recommend folding the excess plastic wrap gently over the top of the soap to protect the relief design during storage.

SaranWrappedCelticCircle WrappedUpSoap1

We wrapped our soap in decorative paper for a cute finish, and you can too! Take a look at our tutorial for wrapping your soap bars using the French Pleat technique.