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By Ananda Floyd |

Instead of tossing your homemade soap into an old Tupperware, store and gift your soap in cute paper wrappers. It makes each bar into a functional work of art and it is very easy! 

Thinner paper is the easiest to fold neat creases in, such as large origami paper or tissue paper, particularly with larger bars of soap. However, printer paper also works fine and can quickly be made cute with some drawings or other decoration, which is what we did for this tutorial.

The quickest way to make cute paper is to make a repeating pattern of quick sketches.  We made flowers, leaves and circles for one sheet and triangles, rectangles and circles for the other.  Even a pattern of randomly placed ¼ inch lines looks great, so just go for it and don’t worry about making it perfect.


It’s a good idea to wrap your soaps in plastic wrap to protect the bars from moisture before you use them.  I like to fold all the excess plastic wrap over the top of the soap where the design is to provide some protection for the relief designs.


Place paper with the design down and the soap in the middle of the sheet. Bring the two short edges of the paper together and fold over the edges between ½ to 1 inch.


Fold the pleated edge toward the center of the bar of soap.


Fold the edges of the excess paper toward the centers to make triangular tabs.


Flip soap over and carefully fold the paper tabs to the center of the back, then tape down.


Turn your soap over and admire your beautiful work!

WrappedUpSoap1 WrappedUpSoap3

Share your pictures of your own product in the comments, and let us know if you have any requests for future tutorials.

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