We’re so excited to share with you all something we’ve been working on for awhile… 

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Getting started with making soap can be overwhelming. And you have better things to do than wade through all the blog posts and recipes and resources available. So we waded through them for you, and compiled everything you need to know in a handy little guide. We’d love for you to check it out and let us know what you think. If it can be more helpful, we want to know.

Now that we’ve finished our first guide, we’re already buzzing with ideas for so many more (gardening? cheese making? brewing?). Keep an eye out for them in the coming year!

Ps. Father’s Day is coming up. Dad’s are hard to buy for, especially if they’re not into golfing, football or any of the other five Hallmark-approved “dad activities.” We’re working on finding gifts your dad actually wants (even if your dad IS into golf, he can only have so many golf balls). Find all of our suggestions, both from Grow and Make and elsewhere, on our Pinterest.

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