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By Grow and Make Contributing Editor Kristina Strain

Materials Needed:

Hand-sewing needle
A doubled length of sewing machine thread
A button
A toothpick

Time required: About five minutes per button.

First, place your toothpick over where the button is supposed to go. Use your thumb to hold the button in place over the toothpick. Thread your needle, and make three or four strong, tight stitches up through one button hole and down into the one below it. Repeat this for the other set of buttonholes. Your button should look like this:

Slide the toothpick out from under the button. Pinch the button between your thumb and forefinger, turning it sideways and pushing the button to the top of the stitches.


Bring your threaded needle up through the sweater very close to the base of the button. Slowly and tightly wrap the thread several times around the stitches at the base of the button. This is called creating a shank.


Bring your needle down through the sweater at the base of the button, and tie off your thread. And presto, you’re done!






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