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One great way to have fun, be creative and to live sustainably is DIY clothing. DIY fashion is often quite easy to accomplish, and you have the satisfaction of knowing you not only made it yourself but you helped the planet by reusing clothing. The options for DIY clothing are endless from embellishing an item already made to reconstructing to create a new shape. Remember to have fun with it and let your creativity flow. We’ll start with some easy projects and advice and you can be on your way.
Basic tools
A lot of DIY clothing can be done by hand or you can use a sewing machine. Here are a few supplies you will need for DIY clothing construction that you can get at most sewing stores: scissors, sewing kit (basic), tailor’s chalk, straight pins, iron, and ironing board. Another green idea is to look for these products at used stores or garage sales.
Make a Bag
A great way to get started with DIY clothing is to make a bag. You can use this bag for groceries, yoga, or everyday use. A bag can be made out of just about anything (checkout these seashell and recycled source handbags). Recycled jeans, x-tra large t-shirt, placemats, a pillowcase. Whatever fabric you would like to use on account of style or fabric. Use your tailors chalk to mark out how big you would like your bag and mark out. Put fabric wrong sides together and either machine stitch or hand stitch the sides. For the handle you can reuse a handle on a bag you can no longer use or cut pieces of fabric to sew on yourself.
Revamping Jeans
Most people have jeans they no longer can wear or you can easily find some at a used store. Jeans can be easily transformed into so many things from easy shorts, capris, or a skirt. To make a skirt, cut the legs off where they meet, but don’t worry about cutting in a straight line. You’re making a deconstructed denim mini, which means it’s supposed to look unfinished. From here you can continue to decorate any way you like from adding patches to rhinestones you are the designer.
Easy Shorts
All pants can be made into Capri pants, Bermuda shorts, or short shorts in just a few minutes to make an old pair of pants a new fun summer item. Simply take your tailors chalk and mark the length you would like them to be and cut. If you like you can machine hem or leave them raw edge for a more deconstructed look.
There are so many great ways to take your old t-shirts or get oversized used shirts and make them your very own creation. Cut off the neckline to give it an 80’s feel, cut an upside down v-shape from the top of the collar to make into a halter, take an oversized shirt and make into a summer dress. Have fun and enjoy your t-shirt creations all year round.
I hope you are inspired and see how easy and fun DIY clothing can be. Make clothing yourself or invite your friends over for a craft party. Just enjoy being creative while being green!

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