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The Ultimate Bath Bundle

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Get squeaky clean with all three of our new bath kits. With the Woodsy Soap and Steam Kit, Sweet Soap and Soak Kit, and Holiday Melt and Pour Soap kit you've got tons of scents, colors, and shapes, to choose from or even experiment with mixing and matching!

Woodsy Soap and Steam Kit Includes:

1 pound hemp glycerin soap base
Sandalwood bourbon fragrance oil
Fir needle fragrance oil
Activated charcoal powder
Baking soda
Citric acid
Menthol crystals
Allspice powder
Dried oats
Witch hazel
Soap molds

Sweet Soap and Soak Kit Includes:

1 pound of oatmeal soap base
Pineapple tangerine fragrance oil
Mango peach fragrance oil
Seashell soap mold
Rose gold mica powder
Pink Himalayan sea salt
Rose petals
Storage tin

Holiday Melt and Pour Soap Kit Includes:

1 pound cocoa butter soap base
1 pound aloe glycerine soap base
Candy cane fragrance oil
Fir needle fragrance oil
Winter berry fragrance oil
Dusty rose colorant
Ornament soap mold - snowflake design
Ornament soap mold - botanical design
Ornament soap mold - swirl design
Rose gold mica powder