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Make Your Own Gift Box of Chocolates DIY Chocolate Making Kit

Create your own gift box of chocolates with our most delightful kit yet!

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Using easy step-by-step instructions, learn how to make chocolate treats from scratch. You will learn to temper chocolate for a shiny, snappy coating, make creamy chocolate ganache fillings, and then add a delicious drizzle, colorful sprinkles or roll it in coconut flakes to create a variety of unique chocolates to put in your gift box. 

🍬 Try three different kinds of chocolate including Ruby chocolate which is a naturally pinkish color made from ruby cocoa beans. Keep your truffles chocolate flavored, or choose from peppermint, raspberry or coffee flavoring. 

✨ Have fun decorating your beautiful chocolates by placing them in gold candy cups. Arrange them inside a folded box to present handmade confections to a loved one, or share with friends and family.

    ▼• KIT INCLUDES •▼

    • Instruction booklet with bonus recipes
    • Dark chocolate callets 🍫 
    • Milk chocolate callets 🍫 
    • Ruby chocolate callets 🍫 
    • 2 Trays of silicone truffle molds
    • Pastry piping bags
    • Thermometer
    • Peppermint, Raspberry & coffee flavoring
    • Shredded coconut 
    • Sprinkles
    • Sweet cocoa powder
    • Mini gold candy cups
    • "Handmade with Love" Stickers 
    • Folded gift box with triangular window

      This kit makes an excellent gift for the novice or experienced chef! 🧑‍🍳  

      Have fun making chocolates with someone you love, to give as a gift, or simply enjoy it all for yourself! 

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      ♥ Handcrafted in Portland, OR, USA

      Chocolate box flavor indicator guide  Printable Download