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DIY Edible Flowers Garden Kit

Ever look at photos of stunning baked goods with flowers in them and wish you could craft such a beautiful treat? Then this Edible Flower Kit is just for you. With three easy-to-grow edible flower varieties, it won't take a green thumb to get these flowers blooming! 

Our simple, curated collection of edible flower seeds make the perfect little gift for mothers, gardeners, or your friend who is always posting pictures of the impressive meals they’re cooking. 

This kit gives you three seed packets and a simple set of instructions to get your edible flower garden started. We’ve included a seed packet each of calendula, violas, and borage.

Calendula has bright orange petals that can be used dried or fresh. The flower petals bring a slight peppery, tangy flair to fresh cheese and salads. Calendula is good for skin ailments and is a great addition to many DIY beauty products, like our DIY Sugar & Salt Exfoliating Scrub Kit. 

Violas, also known as Johnny-Jump-Ups or European wild pansies, make excellent additions to sugar cookies and salads. Violas are one of our very favorite types of edible flowers because of their bright purple color and prolific growth. Violas will give you flowers from spring to fall, and even a few in the winter, depending on your climate. You can dry them for future use, or use them for pressed flower art!

Borage is another prolific bloomer that has beautiful blue star shaped flowers. They look great served as a garnish on dips, salads, and cocktails. Borage flowers also have medicinal properties that can be easily utilized. This flower happens to be one of the honey bee’s favorite plants, so you will be helping native pollinators while growing them.

• Growing instructions & information
• 6 Expandable peat soil pellets
• Seed packets:
  - Calendula seeds
  - Viola seeds
  - Borage seeds

All three of these flowers can be grown in a variety of conditions, including containers, full sun to partial shade, and do well in many climates.