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By Contributing Editor Kristina Strain

Washing out and re-using plastic zip bags is a simple and cost-effective way to boost your household sustainability. Rather than purchase a fancy doodad to hold your washed baggies as they dry, make one yourself from things you have hanging around your house.


A jar, vase, can, flowerpot, or deep bowl, to use as a base. I used a pint-size mason jar for mine.

Marbles, gravel, sand, glass gems, or buttons to hold the chopsticks. Lots of things would work here. Keep in mind that this stuff is likely going to get wet, so dried beans or rice would be a bad choice. I used glass gems from the craft store.

Between two and three pairs of chopsticks, depending on the size of your container. Everyone has a pair or two of these in their junk drawer. Dig them out and put them to use! Bamboo skewers would also work.

Fill your container with marbles, sand, etc, stick in your chopsticks, and that’s all there is to it!

Can’t find those spare chopsticks? Check out pre-made bag dryers, available in our shop: wooden bag dryer, metal bag dryer.

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