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Located in Northeast Portland, Oregon we're a small, tight knit team. Do you like putting little things into little bags & boxes, then putting those little bags & boxes into complete kits on a 7-10 person assembly line? Do you also have useful computer skills that can help a small e-commerce business such as ourselves?
Most of our office staff actually started in the production department. We always try to promote growth from within, and help employee's find and express their individual niche that they excel in. We embody the term DIY in every sense of the term.
Don't have professional experience in an area but want to give it your best go while also working part time in production?
Just finished with an internship and need a place to grow your skills? This might be the perfect fit for you. If this sounds like you, and you are located in the PDX area, we are always accepting resumes and we are almost always hiring for just the right fit! Reach out and let's get to know each other.
Send a resume and a cover letter over to Ingrid at: support@growandmake.com