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Musing from the owner of Grow and Make: Will Johnston

My family and I drink a lot of LaCroix sparkling water with flavor essence. It’s odd because my kids eat as much sugar as any other kids, yet they are constantly drinking these sugar free drinks and loving them. While placing water in a can and transporting it to my home has a negative environmental consequence, the fact that my whole family drinks a lot more water makes me feel it has a net benefit. We also recycle all the cans. What I can’t figure out is why they are so addictive? When we run out it is almost a crisis with cries coming from everyone in the family except the family dog Scotch.

Great Read: This Atlantic Aritcle ‘Trump Made Golf Gross Again‘ is a fun read. As a golfer, I can’t understand why anyone would cheat at golf. It’s a sport where you are only really playing against yourself and it’s also the kind of sport where there is a character and civility are an inherent part of the game. If what is described in this article is true, then it betrays a kind of foulness that is almost unimaginable to anyone who plays the game.

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