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Musing from the owner of Grow and Make: Will Johnston

Recently I noticed that Google is inserting a subject suggestion into my email, based on what I’d written in my email. This brings a greater awareness of the fact that Google is trying to understand what we are communicating. I’m not sure how I feel about the idea of Google examining all of my writing and I certainly don’t feel I need Google’s suggestion on what my subject line should be. Interesting times we live in.

What I’m reading/watching/hearing: I’m watching the HBO mini-series Chernobyl. It’s a fascinating piece of history, seeing what a dire situation that mankind had placed itself in. The outcome could have been far more catastrophic had the right decisions not been made and had people not been willing to give their lives to prevent further disaster. Every one should watch this series to realize the potential risks that technologies can pose to humanity and the environment. I suspect we may see similar risks and potential outcomes from AI in the future.

What’s happening at Grow and Make: As Father’s Day approaches we have some favorites we would suggest for Dad. Whether you want to give him a DIY Kit as a gift or use a kit to make something for Dad, we’ve got you covered.

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