Musing from the owner of Grow and Make: Will Johnston

Netflix has a great recreated history of the FBI efforts to track down and capture the Unabomber called Manhunt. Ted Kaczynski activities were depraved and he clearly was a man who had lost his mind. In a recent episode of the Making Sense podcast by Sam Harris, he indicated that he’d re-read the manifesto that Ted Kaczynski had published and felt that half of what he predicted and believed was becoming true. The manifesto for those that don’t know or can’t remember, was a foretelling of the costs of technology on modern society. His warnings were prescient and now we are seeing the consequences more clearly. Teenage anxiety and depression as it relates to smart phone use, the undermining of Democratic institutions at the hands of social media manipulation and the dissolution of real community in place of ‘friending’ are just a few examples. Hopefully we will see people recognizing this trend and begin challenging their assumptions about how we view and utilize technology in the future.

What I’m reading/watching/hearing: Sea Stories (audio book version) by Admiral William McRaven

What’s new at Grow and Make:  We’re excited to have our products available through Portland based Made Here (www.madehereonline.com).

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