Make it With Mom: DIY Mother’s Day Ideas

Does your mom / wife / grandma / woman in your life have a green thumb? Or does she have a major black thumb but wishes she could have a flourishing garden? Either way, here are 5 easy DIY ideas for Mother’s Day:

  1. Kids Garden Starter Kit: A great way to create a bonding experience for Mom and Kids by starting a garden with one of our most popular garden starter kits. Even better, offer to spend a Saturday helping her plant the starters.
  2. DIY Hummingbird Feeder: Gift your mom a hummingbird feeder, and she’ll enjoy spotting lovely hummingbirds for years. It’s also made entirely from recyclable materials, so it’s a great sustainable option. If you and your wife have younger children, this is a great project for them to work on with you or her.
  3. Herbs Garden Starter Kit: This culinary herb kit is one of the easiest ways to start growing your own food, and can be done entirely indoors. Plus fresh herbs take homemade soups and other dishes to the next level.
  4. Homemade Apron: Since you’re starting with one of your old shirts, this tutorial is actually pretty quick and easy. Make sure and choose a shirt with a pocket so that she has a place to put her sheers.
  5. Home Made Hot Sauce: A fun way to make some nice culinary complements to Mom’s home made cooking. Making home made hot sauces.
  6. DIY Tea Candle Lights Kit: Watch the Video
  7. Home Made Kombucha: Our DIY Kombucha FAQ is a great way to get started with making your own kombucha at home.
  8. DIY Cocktail Bitters: This article will teach you how to make cocktail bitters for Mom. A great way to make something special that you can serve up on Mother’s Day.
  9. DIY Sugar & Salt Scrub Exfoliate Kit: What Mom would not want a sugar and salt scrub DIY kit?
  10. DIY Wine Making: You can get started with making wine for or with Mom using our DIY Wine Making FAQ

For more Mother’s Day gift ideas, visit our online store, and use the coupon code “diywithmom” for 15% off. All of our kits are sustainably made in Portland, OR so you can feel good about your purchase. And share your own Mother’s Day craft and DIY projects in the comments!