Making DIY Lip Balm

DIY Deluxe Lip Balm Making Kit


If you like lip balm you’re going to love making your own flavors and in your favorite type of dispenser. In this article we will provide you with everything you need to know to get started making lip balm at home and suggestions for fun ways to store your lip balm.

What you’ll need to get started is beeswax beads, shea butter, almond oil and a natural flavoring. You can also color your lip balm with food coloring.

You can create some interesting variations by including including herbs or flower petals to give a distinctive look to your lip balms.

Another fun twist is to add different types of foods which will breakdown easily when combined with the other ingredients (lemon or lime juice, honey, cocoa butter, vanilla).

Also consider the many options for containers. You can put your lip balm in an altoid tin, bottle cap, a discarded makeup container.

What you’ll need to make 12 lip balms in a tube, tub or tin

4 tbsp beeswax pellets
4 tbsp shea butter
1 cup sweet almond oil
tangerine, strawberry lime, peppermint, coconut flavoring oil
12 Screw Tins, Tubs or Tubes
Funnel and eye dropper
sticker labels for lip balm
Making your own lip balm is simple, fun, and saves you money!

To make 12 lip balms, melt all the beeswax, shea butter, and sweet almond oil together over low heat and stir. Once ingredients are melted, add about 3-5 drops of flavoring oil per lip balm (more or less depending on personal preference). Pour mixture into a pyrex pitcher or other container with a pouring spout, then pour mixture into lip balm tins, leaving about ⅛” empty at the top. Let lip balms set until completely cool before using.

Favorite Recipes

Honey Lemon Lip Balm Recipe uses 1 tsp honey with 1 tsp lemon juice

Coconut Vanilla Lip Balm Lip Balm Recipe uses coconut and vanilla flavorings

Rosemary Tangerine Lip Balm Recipe uses crushed 1 tsp crushed rosemary and tangerine flavoring

Cocoa Peppermint Lip Balm Recipe uses 1 tsp cocoa powder and 1 tsp peppermint flavoring

Strawberry Lime Lip Balm Recipe uses strawberry lime flavoring