A Simple Wine Making Recipe: How to make Dandelion Wine at Home

By Contributing Editor Will Johnston

Thinking about making wine at home? This recipe is a great way to get started. It’s important to realize that making wine requires some experimentation and a willingness to have some trial and error. You also need to invest in some basic equipment as well as ensure that everything is sanitized and clean. You can use one of our kits or pick up a couple items you’ll need to get started. Make sure to sanitize and keep things clean to ensure success. Click this link to explore our Wine Making Kits


5 Gallon Recipe
Extract Ingredients:

2 gallons Fresh Dandelion Flowers (no stems)
1 quart Canned Pears
5 lb Turbinado Sugar
7 tsp Acid Blend (for correcting acidity)
1 Crushed Campden tablet ( to kill any wild yeast and bacteria)
1 Premier Cuvee wine yeast
1/4 tsp Grape Tannin ( for color & aids in clearing)
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Equipment you’ll need:

Large 7 Gallon Kettle
Fruit straining bag (cloth which allows water to soak/pass through)
Sanitizer (make sure to sanitize and air dry everything that will be in contact with the wine)
Food Grade plastic container (5-8 gallon) with lid (where the wine ferments) for primary fermenter
Glass Carboy (5 gallon) for secondary fermenter
Airlock & Stopper (let gases escape without letting anything in)
Hydrometer (test for gravity)
Long rubber gloves
Stirring spoon
Thermometer (candy style)
Siphon (some kind of siphon for displacing wine to bottles)
Wine Bottles or Mason Jars with lids
Instructions for the Extract:
Heat 5 quarts of water to boiling. While water is heating separate the dandelion tops from their stems.
When water reaches a boil, turn down to simmer. Strain the canned pears and add the juice to the simmering water and cover. Dice pears into small chunks and add to fruit straining bag. Add flower petals to straining bag with fruit and tie shut.
Put the straining bag into the hot water and submerge and cover, simmering for 10 minutes. Turn off heat and stir in sugar until dissolved. Add acid blend, tanin, and yeast nutrient. Cover pot and cool in sink full of cold water until about 120F. Pour contents (including straining bag) into sanitized fermenter. Add cold water to reach 5 gallons. Check temperature and pitch yeast at 68-80F.

Fermentation Instructions:
Keep your wine in a room that has a constant temperature between 45 and 65 degrees F. Ferment until your gravity is between 1.030-1.040 (4-6 days), then strain and remove fruit bag. Siphon into a secondary fermenter and let ferment until gravity is 1.000. Siphon off sediment into clean secondary. You may need to siphon again to gain clarity before bottling.
Desired Gravity:
Starting Gravity:


Siphon into individual sanitized bottles with quality corks or mason jars with sealed lids.

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