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A Simple Wine Making Recipe: How to make Dandelion Wine at Home

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By Contributing Editor Will Johnston

Thinking about making wine at home? Dandelion wine is a simple, classic old country way to start out and makes a delicious wine. This recipe is a great way to get started.  You don’t have to have the equipment listed, but it is a good idea to sanitize everything. You can use one of our kits or pick up a couple items you’ll need to get started. Make sure to sanitize and keep things clean to ensure success.

1 Gallon Recipe 
Extract Ingredients:

1 pint of fresh Dandelion flower petals (no stems and remove any of the green leaves). You need to separate the petals from the stem. These are for flavor and not fermentation.

1 sliced organic lemon

1 sliced organic orange

1 cup raisins
1 cup honey

1 crushed campden tablet ( to kill any wild yeast and bacteria)
1 sparkling wine yeast
1/4 tsp grape tannin ( for color & aids in clearing)

Equipment you’ll need:

1 quart glass jar
2 gallon bucket (fermenter) with lid and fit for cork for airlock & stopper
Airlock & Stopper (let gases escape without letting anything in)
Hydrometer (test for gravity)
Stirring spoon
Thermometer (candy style)
Siphon (some kind of siphon for displacing wine to bottles)
1 gallon jar


Make sure to sanitize anything that will come in contact with the wine making process. We recommend using a sanitizer like the product OneStep, which is both a cleanser and a sanitizer and is easy to use. Be sure to air dry everything after sanitizing.

Instructions for the Extract:

Place the dandelion petals into a 1 quart glass jar and add boiling water. Let steep for 24 hours. Skim and remove petals. Place water into sauce pan and add raisins, lemon and orange slices and honey. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 30 minutes.

Let cool until it reaches room temperature then pour into 2 gallon bucket. Sprinkle yeast into mixture and place lid on with airlock & stopper.

Fermentation Instructions:
Keep your wine in a dark room that has a constant temperature between 45 and 65 degrees F. Using hydrometer ferment until your gravity is between 1.030-1.040 (three weeks or until fermentation ceases).

Strain the wine through a cheese cloth to filter any remnants and into the 1 gallon bottle.

The tannin can be added at any time to help with color and clarity. Add a small amount (sprinkle) initially to test the outcome and then more as needed.

Desired Gravity:
Starting Gravity:

You’ll want to allow the wine to ‘season’, which will mellow the flavor. Taste every couple weeks, until you feel it has reached a quality you appreciate.

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