Making Home Made Body Lotions

body-lotionMaking your own body care products is fun and cost effective. Most importantly, it is a healthy choice for your body and safer for the environment. Over time you can create a signature lotion which you’ll call your own. The skin is our largest organ and a gateway to the bloodstream. Many conventional body care products contain chemicals which when rubbed into the skin quickly enter our bloodstream. These harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients commonly cause irritation, breakouts and allergic reactions. By using natural health and beauty products, you can eliminate many of these harmful chemicals and replace them with natural ingredients that not only protect you from harm, but can be beneficial to your body.


What you will need:

3 8oz bottles to store your body lotion

1⁄4 cup emulsifying wax

1/8 cup stearic acid

1⁄2 Tbsp citric acid

1⁄2 Tbsp potassium sorbate


essential oils (optional)

cosmetic grade colorants (optional)

2 1⁄2 c water

1⁄4 c almond or olive oil

2 medium or large pots

2 plastic or rubber spatulas

Getting Started

In one pot, combine the emulsifying wax, stearic acid and almond or olive oil and turn on medium heat. In a second pot, combine the water and potassium sorbate and turn on high heat. Heat both pots simultaneously, stirring each with a separate spatula. Remove pot one from heat immediately after the waxes have melted; remove pot two from heat right before it begins to boil. Next add the citric acid to pot two with the water. Slowly pour pot two with the water into pot one, stirring continuously. Keep stirring for about 3-4 minutes once both pots have been combined. Stir about every 20-30 minutes as the lotion begins to cool. You may notice a thicker, yellower layer form on the top of your lotion the first few times you stir it. Stir that layer in until it is fully incorporated back into the lotion. This layer will remain incorporated after the lotion begins to cool. After several hours the lotion will almost be completely cool. You will notice the lotion begins to thicken as it cools. It is best to bottle while the lotion is still slightly warm, as it makes pouring into the bottles easier. Allow the lotion to cool for 40 to 60 minutes before adding colorant and fragrance.

You can use cosmetic grade colorants by adding the amount which provides the desired color. Add essential oil to gain the desired fragrance. Experiment until you achieve your desired blend. Once the lotion is almost cooled, pour the lotion into bottles using a funnel. Allow lotion to completely cool before capping the bottles. It’s a good idea to label your lotion, so you or others will know what’s inside.


A note about shelf life – conventionally manufactured products often contain parabens which act as a preservative to extend the shelf life of products. However, parabens are synthetic and can alter the functions of your body’s endocrine system. Natural beauty products, such as the lotion you have just made, use safer, food grade alternatives such as citric acid and potassium sorbate to preserve. The product will have a shelf life of about 12 months, which can be extended by storing in the refrigerator.

Remember to keep out of reach of children.