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May 29th is National Learn About Composting Day!

Composting is still catching on in some parts of the United States, and it’s not unusual to be a little intimidated by the process. Some cities are now providing curbside composting with the yard debris bins. But if you don’t have a composting service in your hometown, it’s easy to compost in your own yard!

What is compost? The process of combining organic waste materials (fruit scraps, veggie trimmings, grass, weeds, etc.) that will, over time, provide rich, nutrient-dense food for soil.

Why compost? If you toss your scraps in the trash, chances are they will never decompose or it will take months to years. Most people use plastic trash bags, and plastic wont break down fast enough in landfills to release all that organic material that has been thrown away. By composting instead, you are preventing organic waste from entering landfills and putting less trash bags into the earth.

Watch our video on starting your own compost system at home!


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