The average can of root beer soda has over 10 teaspoons of sugar, not to mention high-fructose corn syrup and other additives. If you love a cold can of root beer, learn how to make homemade root beer instead of buying it from the store and wasting the cans and bottles. You’ll find it’s great, easy, and rewarding. So follow our easy recipe.

Root Beer Recipe

This is the best How to make Root Beer recipe, a fun summer project to do with the kids and to teach them about the fermentation process. It’s the perfect summer time drink and tastes delicious with ice cream making it the perfect food. Let us know how it turns out and leave your questions in the comments lower on the page after you learn here how to make root beer with your new maker skills.

Root Beer Ingredients

  • 1 gallon bottle with lid
  • 1 packet champagne yeast
  • 2 cups sugar
  • Vanilla, Sarsaparilla or Root Beer extract
  • Pouring funnel
  • Sterilizing solution
  • Pipette

How to make Root Beer

  • Wash all your equipment with sterilizing solution, including a coffee cup or jar to proof the yeast.
  • Pour distilled water into a clean pot and heat until approximately 98F to 110F. Use the pipette to drop some on your inner wrist. It should feel warm, but not burn you at all.
  • Remove approximately one cup of the water and pour 1/8 teaspoon yeast into it. Let sit for 5 minutes.
  • Pour the remaining warm water into the one gallon jug until it is two thirds full of water. Add in the sugar and shake for at least two minutes until the sugar is completely dissolved. Use 1 to 2 tablespoons of flavoring extract per gallon of liquid. Use your pipette to taste the soda base after adding 1 tablespoon to see if the flavor is strong enough for you.
  • Add the yeast mixture and enough of the reserved water to bring the liquid level to three inches below the top of the bottle. Mix well to distribute the yeast and flavoring.
  • Let the soda ferment for 1 to 6 days in a warm place, between 65F and 85F. Check each day until the bottle feels hard to the touch, much like a bottle of soda from the store before its opened to indicate proper carbonation. Once the soda is carbonated put it the refrigerator and let it cool completely before you open it.
  • If your glass of soda is flat once you pour it, you may have not let your soda ferment for long enough. If your soda tastes yeasty, you used too much yeast and should let it sit longer at room temperature. You can take it out of the fridge and let in ferment for another couple of days in a warm place. Once you’ve sampled some of the soda, you may wish to transfer it to a smaller container to keep it from going flat.
  • To make another batch of our How to make Root Beer recipe after you use your gallon of distilled water, you can bring a gallon of water to boil for 5 minutes to sterilize it and then let it cool to between 98F and 110F. Once it is this temperature, proceed as you would with the distilled water.

That’s how to make root beer with our easy to follow homemade recipe. Now your ready to tackle ginger beer or brewing. Check out our other east how to recipes on our blog. Thanks for reading and hope you had fun making root beer!