Here’s an exclusive look at the newest DIY kit we are creating at Grow and Make, our new cucumber pickling and fermentation kit. 

Learn how to make 2 cucumber recipes, both fermented, with their own unique flavors. We provide the jars and spices and you provide the fresh cucumbers and fresh herbs or vegetables of your choice. 

Recipes and instructions for 

Lacto-Fermented Pickles – Traditional deli style cucumber pickles with spices submerged in a flavorful brine.  

Cucumber Kimchi – Spicy Korean red pepper paste marinated cucumbers with green onions and carrots.

probiotic – vegan – gluten free – vegetarian – keto – plant based – low fat

Fermenting Cucumbers in a Jar

Traditional deli style lacto-fermented pickles with a tangy sour taste. Whole or sliced pickles and spices submerged in a flavorful brine. Simple and easy recipe without vinegar or boiling water. The sea salt inhibits harmful bacteria while good microbes like lactobacillus bacteria produce lactic acid. Lactic acid forms and fizzy bubbles are released. These pickles are super juicy when you bite into it.

Add your own fresh ingredients to customize your pickles, like fresh dill and garlic. The vegetables maintain their vitamins to make this a deliciously nutritious snack.

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Ingredients for fermented pickles

Thoroughly wash and dry the jars to sanitize. Rinse cucumbers and trim the blossom end off of the cucumbers. If your cucumbers are very large, cut them in half vertically. Place cucumbers in an ice water bath for 20 mins to help them get crisp. Add aromatic spices in the bottom of a jar, tightly place cucumbers in the jar vertically on top of the spices. Make a brine by dissolving salt into water. Pour the brine to completely cover the cucumbers and to fill 1 inch below the top of the large jar.

Slightly tighten the large jar lid so gases can escape. Place jar over a bowl or baking dish to collect liquid that may drip out during the fermentation for an easy clean up. Leave it on the counter or in a cool dry place for 2- 3 days to ferment, opening the jar every day to release gases. Fermentation has begun once you see small bubbles rising in the jar and the brine will slowly become cloudy. Refrigerate to slow the fermentation process when your pickles have reached your desired sourness. Pickles will last for about 1 month in the refrigerator. If the pickles become gray and soft and take on an odd odor the batch may be contaminated and spoiled, and should be discarded.

Use unchlorinated water and sea salt to allow healthy bacteria to grow. Salt is very important for fermentation in these recipes, do not alter the measurements. The cucumbers in this recipe can be swapped out with different vegetables like carrots, green tomatoes, and peppers. Make an Italian giadiniera with cauliflower and red pepper. Cut vegetables into uniform sizes to make sure they ferment at the right pace.

Fermented Pickles

How to make Cucumber Kimchi

A vegan take on a Korean kimchi recipe with cucumbers. Spicy Korean red pepper marinated cucumber served as side dish or condiment with a spicy, tangy effervescent taste rich with probiotics. We provide the dried spices that you need to get you started on a flavorful exploration.

Use small cucumbers with a thinner skin also called cocktail cucumbers, mini cucumbers or Lebanese style cucumbers. Build your own flavors by adding chopped ginger and shredded carrots or 1 Tbsp chopped Asian pear.

Substitute 1 lb of napa cabbage and daikon radish instead of cucumber if you prefer to make a traditional style kimchi.
If you are not a vegetarian, add 1 tsp fish sauce and dried shrimp instead of soy sauce for a different savory umami taste.

Thoroughly wash and dry the jars to sanitize. Cut cucumbers in half vertically, then into 2 inch long strips and place in a large bowl. Sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of salt and let it sit for 20 mins to pickle. In a bowl mix the dry ingredients and soy sauce together to create a thick coarse paste.

Kimchi paste covered cucumbers

Add chopped garlic and ginger for an extra zing. While wearing gloves rub the cucumbers in the spicy paste to completely coat the cucumbers. The red pepper is hot and will burn your hands if you don’t wear gloves or you can just use a spoon to mix it together. Toss in the chopped green onions and or shredded carrots if you want a different crunchy texture. Add the mixture into the large 32 oz glass jar and pack it down tight with a small glass jelly jar.

Use small jelly jar to pack down the veggies.

Pack the veggies together tightly and remove as much air as possible in between the cucumbers. The pepper mixture will be dry at first and get more juicy as it ferments. Lightly tighten the lid of the large jar. Place over a plate for an easy clean up. Gases will be released and liquid may ooze out of the jar. Open the jar everyday to check on kimchi and to release built up air inside. Push down cucumbers into the juicy liquid.

Fermented Cucumber Kimchi

Leave it on the counter or in a cool dry place for 1-3 days to ferment. Fermentation has begun once you see small bubbles in the jar between the cucumbers. The kimchi will become more juicy as it sits. The flavors will develop and the probiotic qualities will improve. Refrigerate to slow down the fermentation process and serve it chilled. Consume within 10 days to avoid mushy cucumbers.

The Fermented Pickle Kit also comes with a bonus Jalapeño Salsa recipe and the spices to make it.

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Written by Danielle D’Ambra