By Grow and Make Contributing Editor Kristina Strain


Knowing how to hem comes in handy. Whether you’ve just purchased a pair of pants that are too long, or you want to change the look of a skirt or dress that’s been in your closet for ages, hemming is the key. One trick lots of new moms employ is to buy bigger-size stretchy pants for their kids, and hem them a couple inches. As the kid grows, the pants can be made longer. This is a super tricky way to extend the life of a garment!

Materials Needed:

Hand-sewing needle
Matching thread
Pins, if desired

Time required:

About fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on the length of the hem.





First, try on your garment to determine how much you’d like to shorten it by. If desired, you can mark or pin along this line on the inside of the garment. I prefer to live dangerously, so I eyeball it.







If desired, pin the material in place along the line.

Thread your needle a take a very small stitch down into the fabric just before the edge of the folded-over part, and up through the edge of the folded-over part. Pull taut.







Move about 1/4″ along the folded-over edge, and take another small stitch. Continue in this fashion until you’ve made it all the way around.







From the outside, it should look like this:










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