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heat relief

This week is going to be baking here in PDX with record temperatures expected.

BBQ Pizza

We recently made a pizza on the BBQ using home made mozzarella from our DIY Italian Cheese Making Kit. Making a barbeque pizza is pretty easy. Make a simple pizza dough and then roll out a few smaller and thicker sized pizza doughs for individual serving sizes. Put sauce on and add your cheese and toppings. If you are inspired make DIY Hot Sauce or DIY BBQ Sauce in place of pizza sauce. Be sure to use our DIY Italian Cheese Making kit for making some fresh and delicious mozzarella. Clean your grill and get your BBQ up to at least 350 F. Oil the grill and brush oil on the bottom of your pizza doughs. Put the pizzas on the grill and use both direct and indirect heat over 10 minutes. Move them around so nothing gets burned. Really tasty.

Watch our video on making mozzarella at home.

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