About Us

Sustainability practices at Grow and Make  Our Origins

Grow and Make was founded in 2008 by Will Johnston, an entrepreneur who wanted to start a business which would inspire people to use their hands to create. We invite you to join us in living a more sustainable, simple, and fulfilling life – just by growing and making more of what you consume! Our goal is to teach you the core skills to do-it-yourself, and then be able to take those skills and run with them. Make gifts for friends, host a crafting party, or start your own business. The possibilities are endless, we are simply proud to have helped start you on your journey.

Teach a friend and help us spread the hand crafting revolution!

All of our kits are made in Portland Oregon and assembled by hand.

Sustainability Efforts

While it’s not possible for any company to be 100% sustainable, we consider environmental impact in all of our decision making so that you can always feel good about purchasing our products. We strive to make the best decisions and always consider these factors when evaluating products.

We source from local companies whenever possible and have several strong working relationships with local companies in the pacific northwest. Our warehouse puts an emphasis on reducing waste in manufacturing and limiting the materials in our packaging. Grow and Make believes in reusing and repurposing materials before they end up in landfills – so if we can’t find a use for something, we will try to give it away to someone who can.

There are many ways to reduce environmental impact and we are constantly developing new ways to improve our company and the world around us. We see this as a continuous journey and hope that you will join us!

Happiness Guarantee

Every time you purchase a kit from us, we want you to be thrilled with the product! If you’re not happy with your kit or have any questions about a project, please contact us. Our customer support team will help by providing you with everything from tips and tricks, to returns and refunds.

We’d love to hear your feedback on any product. If you had a wonderful experience, leave us a review! Have an idea for a new kit? Be sure to tell us and maybe we will make it!

Grow and Make in the production warehouse, assembling kits by hand in Portland OR