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In our September DIY Subscription we are providing subscribers with a complementary blend of Goat Cheese and Chocolate Truffle making. The combination is a popular blend and one we think you will be delightfully happy to have discovered.

Albert Wegner is a venture capitalist and also a humanist. He has a book which he is working on World After Capital, which looks at the coming changes to our global society and how we create a world which is better for all humanity. You can read the book by clicking the link.

This article by David Brooks on the recent firing of a Google Employee for his internal memo on why more men are engineers at Google is compelling reading. It seems that Google may have overstepped on their decision to fire James Damore.

If you are fascinated or curious about education for teens in our country, this TED Radio Hour on Rethinking School is a great one. It really is time to start re-thinking the way we educate our teens.

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