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Here are some inspired ideas for how to flavor your kombucha

When using fresh fruit it is best to juice it, before adding. The fresher the juice is the better your results will be. Add one cup of juice to 1 gallon of kombucha. Then add in spices or natural flavorings and extracts to taste. When adding fresh herbs, be sure to strain the herbs before serving or after a couple days of soaking in the flavors.

Our Favorite Kombucha Flavoring Combinations

Blood Orange and Cinnamon

Fresh mint and candied ginger

Berries and grated ginger.

Strawberries and basil.

Cherries and almond extract.

Pears and vanilla extract.

Apple juice and cinnamon.

Rosehip and fresh ginger.

Lime and basil

Lemon and Honey (lemonade)

Ginger and cherries

Pineapple and lemon

Coconut water, fresh mint and lime juice

Almond extract and apple juice

Hibiscus & pear

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