DIY Handmade Wrapping Paper Tutorial

Gather some tempera paint and pour it into two shallow dishes. Find a few hard vegetables to carve into stamps.  We simply used carrot sticks to make this polka dot paper, cutting off the ends to create a nice flat surface to stamp with.  Other vegetables that can be fun to use are celery (it looks kind of like a flower when you use the end), potatoes (slice in half and carve simple images onto them) and apple centers (use the middle where the seeds are to create a star shape).
The key with making homemade wrapping paper look good, is to decide on a simple design, and then continue to repeat it in long rows.  Try making a small sample before you start on your big sheet. Rows of dots are easy and quick to do, and look great when covering a package!


Striped Wrapping Paper

Choose a few markers or pencils in your desired color theme. Make long straight marks in rows.  Don’t worry about making them perfectly straight, you can buy easily buy perfectly striped wrapping paper at the store! What we are going for here is a nice handmade look that tells the person you are giving the present that you have put love and energy into it. Make repeating rows until the sheet is completely covered.  You can choose markers of varying widths and colors, or various mediums such as crayon, sharpie, or felt tip markers. All of these different colors and textures will give your paper variance and make it look more interesting! Wrap your present and watch your friends and family enjoy your craft!

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