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May at Grow and Make

All of us here at Grow and Make like to be creative, and we find that this is one of our favorite times of the year! We will be publishing fun and educational posts, like this one, every month! We love to learn about how to grow and make things, and everything...

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How to get started with seed saving

By Contributing Editor Kristina Strain When frost has fallen on the garden, and your bean vines are hanging like last year's tattered birthday streamers from their supports, it's time to think about seed saving. Gathering matured garden seed at the end of the growing...

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How to make newspaper pots for planting seeds

By Contributing Editor Nancy Hulse Here’s a satisfying little project that’s quick and easy, and fun to share with kids. The only supplies you’ll need are a bunch of newspaper, a smooth dowel about 6” in diameter to form the pot, and some potting soil. Although you...

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How to Build a Worm Composter

Getting Start with DIY Vermiculture - Growing Worms 101 If you want to have richer soil and do your part to compost, you'll want to consider using a worm bin. By setting up your own worm bin in your backyard, you'll be able to create more high quality soil and do your...

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How to Make Hemp Rope

By Contributing Editor Kristina Strain Knowing how to make rope was once a critical skill for survival and self-sufficiency on the frontier. Early settlers were able to make rope from a variety of materials, but the main thing they used was hemp. These days, growing...

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How to Make Hemp Jewelry

By Contributing Editor Kristina Strain Making hemp jewelry is a fun and creative way to make gifts or accessories for yourself while doing something good for the environment. Fast-growing and sustainable, hemp is a terrific choice for home jewelry making. Almost...

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How to Make Liquid Fertilizer at Home

Give your garden a jump-start with a jolt of homemade liquid fertilizer. Whether it's made from seaweed, vegetable scraps, manure, or just plain weeds, liquid fertilizer provides a boost in garden fertility. Learn how to break the habit of costly commercial...

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How to harden off seedlings

By Contributing Editor Nancy Hulse You’ve chosen the right planting time, planted your seeds indoors and nurtured your tiny seedlings into sturdy healthy plants. The final step is hardening off: successfully introducing your plants to the outdoors. WHEN TO BEGIN...

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How to Green your baby nursery

By Contributing Editor Paige Grande     Because babies spend so much of their new lives in the nursery (those little guys sleep for days when they’re brand new!), it’s important to provide as non-toxic an environment as possible. Our tips on creating a...

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Make a hummingbird feeder at home with recycled materials

By Contributing Editor Kristina Strain It doesn't take much to transform an empty plastic bottle into a useful and attractive homemade hummingbird feeder. This project would make a terrific gift for any bird-loving family member or avid gardener on your list, and it's...

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