Guide: DIY Garden & Preserving

April at Grow and Make

All of us here at Grow and Make like to be creative, and we find that this is one of our favorite times of the year! We will be publishing fun and educational posts, like this one, every month! We love to learn about how to grow and make things, and everything else we...

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Guide to Growing Tea Herbs

Grow Herbs for Teas at Home with our DIY Guide HERBAL TEA GARDEN GROWING GUIDE       Follow the directions below to start your seeds. Keep your seeds in their sealed packet in a cool, dry place until ready to sow.  To harvest your herbal teas To harvest and store your...

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How to measure your carbon footprint

Calculating your carbon footprint: The first step in understanding your impact on the planet Practically all of our daily activities affect the environment, from the consumption of natural resources to the disposal of our household waste. By now we all can agree that...

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Starting a Community Garden

Contributing Editor: Will Johnston       If you are considering starting a community garden, there's many things you should keep in mind before setting out. It could prove to be a bigger project than you imagine and to ensure success you want to cover your bases....

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A Foragers Salad

By Contributing Editor Nancy Hulse   This past fall, we started a new bed in a shaded area along our driveway. We planted some red-twigged dogwood, ornamental grasses, several types of groundcover and mulched it heavily with compost. But the reality of any newly...

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If you're starting to plan a new garden, one of the first things to do is to establish where you'll find the maximum sun throughout the growing season. Especially if you're gardening in a small area, existing trees and structures cast shadows that can have a big...

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Getting started with vermiculture : how to raise worms

Why should you consider composting with Worms? Using worms in your compost will speed up the process to breakdown your compost, create higher quality compostable soil and save you money.   By putting worms into your compost the composting organic material is made...

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Starting a Container Garden

By Contributing Editor Kristina Strain Who says it takes forty acres and a mule to grow some of your own food? With a balcony, fire escape, or even a sunny windowsill, home gardening is perfectly accessible to the urban dweller. All you need are seeds, some basic...

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How to get started with seed saving

By Contributing Editor Kristina Strain When frost has fallen on the garden, and your bean vines are hanging like last year's tattered birthday streamers from their supports, it's time to think about seed saving. Gathering matured garden seed at the end of the growing...

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