Guide: DIY Culinary & Food

Ultimate DIY Fermentation FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Fermentation for the DIY enthusiast. Our questions include dill pickles, hot peppers, kimchi, perserved lemons, salsa, sauerkraut, scrap vinegar, tomatoes and watermelon pickle rinds. Q: What is the difference between Pickling and...

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Curds and Whey…

We received these two questions this week regarding cheesemaking. Thought we'd pass on our suggestions for those making cheese. Q: How can I clean my cheese cloth for reuse? A: It's a good idea to not use soap for cleaning your cheese cloth. We recommend putting it in...

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Happy August!

This week is going to be baking here in PDX with record temperatures expected. BBQ Pizza We recently made a pizza on the BBQ using home made mozzarella from our DIY Italian Cheese Making Kit. Making a barbeque pizza is pretty easy. Make a simple pizza dough and then...

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DIY Mustard Making FAQ: What you need to know and recipes

How to Make Mustard at Home with Great Recipes Please read our disclaimer at the end of this article* The history of mustard Records of mustard seeds being used go back 5000 years across the globe. It was in ancient Rome that mustard was first seen to be used as a...

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Guide to Growing Tea Herbs

Guide to Growing Tea Herbs

Grow Herbs for Teas at Home with our DIY Guide HERBAL TEA GARDEN GROWING GUIDE       If you are excited about the idea of growing herbs for tea, this article can help you to get started with recommended herbs and how to grow them. Follow the directions below to start...

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DIY Hot Sauce FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answers to DIY Hot Sauce Questions So you either bought one of our DIY Hot Sauce Kits or you are inspired and going to make hot sauce at home with your own ingredients. Now you want to have some of your questions answered. Hopefully our Hot Sauce FAQ will help. Be...

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DIY Video: How to Make Hot Sauce at Home

DIY Video: How to Make Hot Sauce at Home

In this video we'll show you how to make hot sauce at home. With our kit or without, you can learn what is required and get started making hot sauce. We've made this video for those seeking to get a quick introduction to making hot sauce at home. Watch and enjoy.

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