Guide: DIY Beverage Making

DIY Wine Making FAQ

Making Wine FAQ If you've been thinking about making wine or purchased one of our Wine Making Kits and want to learn more about the process or have questions, this FAQ for Wine Making should be of help. We also encourage you to join our discussion forums for sharing...

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DIY One Gallon Wine Making Recipe and Instructions

How to Make Fruit Juice Wine at Home People have been making wine for far longer than they have been writing recipes. Wine-making, like any art form, ranges from quite simplistic to incredibly precise methods. There are literally volumes upon volumes of books that...

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Making Cocktail Bitters at Home

Everything you need to know about DIY Cocktail Bitters Cocktail Bitters History Bitters have been made by many cultures all around the world. The oldest known mention of bitters are from the Ancient Egyptians, making herbal wine infusions. The herbs included in...

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What to do when there is mold on my Kombucha brew?

No, it's not okay to have mold on your scoby or on the top of your kombucha liquid. You'll nee to discard it and start again. Make sure that everything is sterile when you start your kombucha. It is possible to restore the scoby by removing any mold and placing...

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New Post: Make chai tea at home

If you love chai or have just heard about this Indian inspired tea with spices and milk, you'll be surprised to discover how wonderful a home made chai can taste. With our Artisan Chai Kit you can make delicious chai at home, but you don't have to have our kit. Here...

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How to roast coffee beans at home

In this article we’ll teach you how to roast coffee at home. It’s a great way to both save money and produce a coffee to your own liking. With some experimentation you can create your own ‘signature roast’. I consider myself a coffee snob and was paying $12 a pound for one of my favorite blend and roasts.

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How to Make Dandelion Wine at Home

A Simple Wine Making Recipe: How to make Dandelion Wine at Home By Contributing Editor Will Johnston Thinking about making wine at home? This recipe is a great way to get started. It's important to realize that making wine requires some experimentation and a...

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Fun Home Made Soda Recipes

Instructions for Home Soda Making What you're going to need 1 gallon bottle with lid 1 packet champagne yeast 2 cups sugar Vanilla, Sarsaparilla or Root Beer extracts Pouring funnel Sterilizing solution Pipette Wash all your equipment with sterilizing solution....

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How to make Ginger Ale at home

By Contributing Editor Kristina Strain It's hot. Worse than being hot, it's sticky, too. It's the kind of day when you look at yourself in the mirror and find you've become a humid human magnet to all manner of debris: dirt, hair, dead leaves, more dirt, the cat....

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How to Make Chai Tea at Home

By Contributing Editor Kristina Strain I'm a sucker for chai tea. It's sweet and spicy and exorbitantly over-priced, yet it's my cafe drink of choice. My four-dollars-and-change cafe drink of choice, until I learned to make my own. You can, too. It's pretty easy. At...

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