Guide: DIY Body & Beauty

How to Make Lavender Soap

One of the our favorite tricks for our DIY Soap Making Kits is to add dried lavender buds. If you want a textured side to the soap, just sprinkle the herbs across the top of the soaps before they completely cool. If you want to make soap that has an exfoliating...

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By Contributing Editor Andrea Fox   Beauty products, and what’s in them, are absorbed through your skin. Since cosmetics are often applied where the skin is thinnest (such as on lips and eyelids), the compounds in them are basically given a free ride into your...

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Safe sunscreen alternatives and what you need to know

Contributing Editor: Will Johnston To protect from the sun’s dangerous rays, we limit the amount of time we spend in the sun, wear protective clothing, and cover with sunscreen. However sunscreens contain numerous chemicals, including many suspected carcinogens, which...

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Tips for living to be 100

By Contributing Editor Kristina Strain     Even if you don't want to live to be one hundred, you can improve the quality of your life by adopting healthy habits.   Shoot for centenarian status with the guidelines listed below. From healthy eating habits...

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Recycling Water – DIY Grey Water for Beginners

Contributing Editor: Will Johnston Make sure to check with your local water company or city regarding the regulations and requirements for grey water use in a residential location. Due to global warming and irresponsible land and water management many urban areas are...

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Holiday Soap Kit: Special Price Today

Great editorial on the meaning that can be found through travelling by foot. In today's New York Times Exploring the World on Foot   As a part of our 7 Days of Crafting, today we have our Holiday Soap Making Kit at a special price and with Free Shipping.  ...

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Holiday Lip Balm ‘How to’

We're excited about our new holiday video 'DIY Peppermint lip balm' which shows how to make our peppermint chapstick at home with our makers lip balm kits. See all of our Lip Balm Kits  

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