Guide: DIY Body & Beauty

Make Your Own Activated Charcoal Soap

We are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with these gorgeous heart-shaped activated charcoal soaps. Not only are these soaps fun and a bit unconventional, but they are also great for your skin! Activated charcoal has many health benefits for your skin. It cleans...

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DIY Bath Bomb Making FAQ – How to make bath fizzies

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Make Bath Bombs at Home Many of us love the idea of soaking in a hot bath with a scented and revitalizing bath bomb melting into the water. Now you can make your own at home using our DIY Kit. If you don't want to use our kit...

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How to Make Lavender Soap

One of the our favorite tricks for our DIY Soap Making Kits is to add dried lavender buds. If you want a textured side to the soap, just sprinkle the herbs across the top of the soaps before they completely cool. If you want to make soap that has an exfoliating...

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DIY Bath Salt Making Kit

Make Bath Salts at Home Have you ever wanted to make your own bath salts at home? Grow and Make has a selection of DIY Bath Salt making kits which include floral herbs and essential oil fragrances. You can make your own unique signature blend and...

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DIY Body Lotion Making Kit

Make Body Lotion at Home Have you ever wanted to make your own body lotion at home? The benefits are that you'll know what is in your body lotion and you can make a distinctive blend with your own signature and style.  Our DIY Body Lotion Kit offers natural, high...

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Blog Post for 5/21/2016

The Whole Earth Catalog was the original DIY Manifesto. It's author/editor was Steward Brand. The Guardian published this great article on Mr. Brand, today. Many people consider Mr. Brand to be the a seminal contributor to the tech and counter-culture. He was a true...

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How to Make Body Lotion at Home

Making Home Made Body Lotions Making your own body care products is fun and cost effective. Most importantly, it is a healthy choice for your body and safer for the environment. Over time you can create a signature lotion which you’ll call your own. The skin is our...

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We have a new DIY Nail Polish Making Kit

We have a new DIY Nail Polish Making Kit

This is a great kit for kids. With this kit you'll make 4 bottles of unique nail polish. We include different colors to use and glitters. Mix and match. Make for friends and family. A fun way to make gifts or give the kit as a gift. This kit is under re-design and...

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