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Curds and Whey…

We received these two questions this week regarding cheesemaking. Thought we'd pass on our suggestions for those making cheese. Q: How can I clean my cheese cloth for reuse? A: It's a good idea to not use soap for cleaning your cheese cloth. We recommend putting it in...

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DIY Bath Salt Making Kit

Make Bath Salts at Home Have you ever wanted to make your own bath salts at home? Grow and Make has a selection of DIY Bath Salt making kits which include floral herbs and essential oil fragrances. You can make your own unique signature blend and...

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DIY Body Lotion Making Kit

Make Body Lotion at Home Have you ever wanted to make your own body lotion at home? The benefits are that you'll know what is in your body lotion and you can make a distinctive blend with your own signature and style.  Our DIY Body Lotion Kit offers natural, high...

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DIY Wine Making FAQ – Help for Beginning Wine Makers

Making Wine FAQ - Answers to your DIY Wine Making Questions If you've been thinking about making wine or purchased one of our Wine Making Kits and want to learn more about the process or have questions, this FAQ for Wine Making should be of help. There are a lot of...

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DIY One Gallon Wine Making Recipe and Instructions

How to Make Fruit Juice Wine at Home People have been making wine for far longer than they have been writing recipes. Wine-making, like any art form, ranges from quite simplistic to incredibly precise methods. There are literally volumes upon volumes of books that...

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An Important Day for Americans

Thank you Veterans. This is a photo of a graduate of West Point this May. He had a lot on his mind about service, country and his future. Read the story of this young mans life and what he was thinking during graduation.

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Our New DIY Home Starter Business Program

We are excited to announce our new DIY Home-Based Business Starter Program Have you wanted to start your own business and you weren't sure how? Do you want to start a business from home which is sustainable, fun, engaging and profitable? Our DIY Home Seller Program...

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Tragic Loss on the Appalachian Trail

This is a tragic story, but in ways a celebration because it is about someone who died doing what they love. I've read that New Hampshire and Maine are the two states where the thru-hikers on the Appalachian trail run into the most problems with weather and getting...

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DIY Mustard Making: What you need to know

How to Make Mustard at Home with Great Recipes As Summer approaches many of us will be grilling. A great complement to your bbq is home made mustards. We have some great recipes, tips and kits for getting going with making mustard at home. What you should have on hand...

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