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DIY Hot Sauce 3-Pack Pepper Replenishment (Arbol, Chipotle, Guajillo)

Replenish your DIY Hot Sauce Kit with our Hot Sauce Pepper Replenishment pack. Trying to sauce it up some more? Enjoy our peppers? This replenishment pack will keep you sizzlin'! 3 packs of peppers for you to mix and match to your preference.

What you get:

  • Arbol, Chipotle or Guajillo peppers (you choose)
  • Bonus bottle labels
  • Exclusive stickers
  • Free Shipping

Choose between Arbol, Chipotle, and Guajillo peppers.

Includes bonus bottle labels and exclusive stickers, too!

And the best part, free shipping!

If you purchase a Grow and Make DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit this is the best way to keep making more hot sauce. Our kits are intended for re-use and we provide this replenishment to allow you to keep making hot sauce.