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Mixology Series Ultimate Bartender Gift Bundle (DIY Cocktail and Mocktail Bitters and Gin Infusion Kits)

 Our 2-piece DIY Mixology Series Set is the perfect way to kickstart your journey into elevated fun and fancy drinks as seen on popular shows, such as Drink Masters. Beautifully presented, attractive packaging makes a perfect gift for the aspiring home bartender, or the person looking to up their crafted cocktail game! Everything you need to get started --just add alcohol!

GIN INFUSION MAKING KIT - Make your very own homemade infused gin, this kit includes a classic recipe and a bold, interesting variation.
COCKTAIL BITTERS MAKING KIT - We have sourced just the right combination of spices to create your own bitters from scratch. Combine these curated flavor combinations to create four unique bitters to use with or without alcohol. 

💙💖 Experience the magic of Blue Butterfly Pea Flower by mixing up your very own bottle. Watch as it changes from blue to pink when acidic ingredients, such as lemons, are added to your craft cocktails. We teach you how!

🍹Twists on the classics will help get your creative juices flowing in the world of mixology. Host a party with some friends and blow them away with unique and fun concoctions. Cocktail picks, straws, and tools help you create professional looking cocktails from the comfort of your own home bar.

🍸 Extra ingredients included so you can continue to hone your infusion game and create a personal favorite flavor for mixing up countless cocktails!


Herbs & Spices:
• Dried gentian root
• Cinnamon chips
• Lavender buds
• Coriander
• Ginger root pieces
• Cardamom pods
• Caraway seeds
• Clove buds
• Dried orange peel
• Blue butterfly pea flowers
• Juniper berries

Bartending Tools & Hardware:
• 5 oz bottles with slow pour caps
• Square corked glass bottles
• 10 oz Cocktail shaker
• Mini funnels
• Cone filters
• Muddler
• Jigger
• Paper straws
• Vintage style adhesive labels
• Cute drink garnishes
• Instruction booklet w/ drink recipes

♥ Handcrafted in Portland, OR, USA