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Artisan Hot Sauce Making DIY Kit

Create 3 bottles of delicious hot sauce with our ARTISAN Hot Sauce Kit! 🌶️

A budget friendly version of our best seller, this is the DIY kit for Hot sauce lovers just getting started making their own! We’ll teach you how to easily whip up 3 bottles of your own delicious hot sauce, all from the comfort of your kitchen. Each batch is fully customizable for different heat & taste preferences. It’s the perfect present for chefs, hot wing enthusiasts, and the dad who has everything!
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Simple instructions make this kit fun and easy for everyone interested in showing off their very own homemade exceptional hot sauce. You’ll learn how each pepper ranks its spiciness on the Scoville scale, blend ingredients like arbol and ancho peppers to achieve your favorite flavor, take your homemade tacos & cooking to the next level! Decorate your 3 hot sauce bottles with the included blank labels ready to be personalized with a title unique to you!  

• Guajillo peppers
• Chipotle peppers
• Arbol peppers
• Cayenne powder
• Ancho pepper powder
• New Mexico Chili powder
• Garlic powder
• Curry powder
• Distilled white vinegar
• 3 glass woozy bottles with lids
• 3 blank labels ready to personalize
• Gloves
• Mini funnel
• Illustrated booklet with 6 hot sauce recipes to choose from
• Bonus recipes

Spice up someone's day with the gift of hot sauce! 🌶️

♥ Handcrafted in Portland, OR, USA 

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