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The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List

December 07, 2022

The Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List

Having trouble finding a personalized gift for everyone on your list? We have a DIY kit for that!

Why gift a DIY Kit? Each kit is 3 gifts in one! the experience of learning, making & bonding. the thing that was just made with the kit. and a new crafting skill to continue exploringWHY GIFT ONE OF OUR KITS?

We have been making DIY kits for 10 years, by a small tight knit team in Portland, Oregon. Every kit is packed by hand, handled with care, and made just for someone like you and your family!

The Grill Master - for your favorite grill master, gift them the experience and new skill of making their own hot sauce and bbq sauce with the sauce boss bundle. each kit includes the ingredients, tools, and instructions to create 6 bottles of sauces


These fun DIY kits can be made all at once, or one bottle at a time. Have fun naming your own sauces and custom labels. All the ingredients to get you started, this is the perfect gift for people who love hot sauce or love to grill!

Artisan Hot Sauce  |  BBQ Sauce  |  Sauce Boss Bundle 

The Self Care Expert - for your pampered friend, upgrade their self care night with the experience of hand crafting their own body lotion or body scrub. each kit contains all the ingredients needed, as well as detailed instructions that are easy to follow. the lotion kit makes 6 bottles of lotion and the scrub kit makes 3 tins of scrub - both are customizable


Made with quality ingredients, enjoy pure essential oils, labels that can be personalized, and learn a new skill! Plenty to keep and also enough to give to a friend or family member!

Lotion  |  Sugar and Salt Scrub 

The Cocktail Specialist - for the mixologist in your life, our mixology series is the perfect gift. learn how to use botanical infusion to make bitters and gin. both kits contain a variety of herbs, a few mixology tools, instructions, and recipes. included blue butterfly pea flowers make a fun color changing syrup. add a bottle of vodka to complete the set


Bitters make excellent additions to both classic cocktails, and mocktails! Have a friend that wants to enjoy fun and fancy non alcoholic drinks? Add a few splashes of our bitters to tonic water and you have a delicious mocktail.

Have a friend or family member with a bar cart that is missing that handcrafted touch? This kit will get them started on making their own bitters, and we doubt the journey will stop there! Learn the tools of infusion with our Gin Kit and use those skills to create an entire liquor cabinet of personalized botanical infusions.

Cocktail BittersGin Infusion  |  Mixology Master Bundle 

The Beginner Gardener - for kids or anyone else new to and curious about gardening, our grow kits are a great introduction. instruction booklets are full of information about included seeds and how to best tend your garden. a windowsill greenhouse makes it easy to get your seeds growing. the garden kit for kids also includes a toy magnifying glass for spotting bugs, and the tea herb kit includes tins for storing herbs and a stainless steel tea strainer


For the gardening-curious, our kits are a great starting point. Best started indoors and later transplanted outside, these kits are designed to give you the full experience from seed to harvest!

Garden Kit for Kids  |  Tea Herb Garden 

The Novice Chocolatier - for the baker or cook looking to expand their skillset, gift them the experience of the chocolate truffle making. our kit contains a wide variety of ingredients to explore chocolate making and customize flavors. detailed instructions guide you through the process of making chocolates. fresh chocolates can be served in an included gift box


The gift of our chocolate making kit is sure to bring smiles and fun times in the kitchen. This deliciously messy chocolate activity is rewarding as it is indulgent. This will have the whole family wanting to get involved!

Gift Box of Chocolates 

The Charcuterie Savant - for the brilliant hostess, gift them a hand crafted charcuterie kit. our cheese kit includes recipes, ingredients, and tools to make 5 different types of soft cheese (just add milk). the edible flower kit includes seeds and instructions to grow 3 varieties of beautiful edible flowers. combine the two to create a gorgeous charcuterie board. upgrade your gift by adding a wood cutting board and mini cheese knives


This is a great introduction to the age old craft of cheesemaking! Fun for the whole family, cheese is not as complicated and mysterious as we think it is. Learn the basic skills and craft 6 different types of fresh cheese. With enough ingredients to make all of them, you just need fresh milk, a kitchen, and a large pot!

Cheese  |  Edible Flowers

The Cleanly Couple - for the couple that does everything together, gift them a matching set of bath related diy kits. each kit makes 2 - 4 bars of soap with customizable scents and colors. in addition to soap, the sweet kit makes a yummy smelling foot soak, while the woodsy kit makes invigorating shower steamers. pair them together for a great date night activity


Bond while making custom soap bars, bath soaks, and shower steamers. Also, an excellent activity for children, making your own soap is great fun for all age groups. Each kit makes several soap bars and comes with step by step instructions!

Sweet Soap and Soak  |  Woodsy Soap and Steam


The Craft Aficionado - for the jack of all trades that is always trying out a new craft, introduce them to the fun of melt and pour soap. the process is easy enough to include anyone with any level of crafting experience. the result is 12 - 16 bars of customized soap


With our complete soap kit, learn how to use melt-and-pour soap base to make 12-16 bars of custom soap! Multiple embossed designs to choose from, 3 colors, 3 pure essential oils, and flower petals make these mix and match soap bars tons of fun. Excellent for craft fairs, crafting parties, and your friend who needs a new hobby!

Cocoa Butter Soap  |  Goats Milk Soap

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