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2023 Mother's Day Gift Guide

April 28, 2023

2023 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day 2023 is on May 14th! We know picking the perfect gift for mom can be challenging, so we have created a list of gift ideas to make it easy for you.

DIY Gift Ideas

Making a personalized gift for Mom is a great way to show your love and appreciation. Choosing to DIY a gift is also often a more affordable choice.


1. DIY Custom Body ScrubFeminine hands using body-scrub with three tins of body scrub and a sprig of lavender in the background

Making a body scrub is a super easy gift. Here's what you need to make it at home: A clean container, like a tin or a jar. Sugar, coarse salt, or Epsom salt. Moisturizing oil, like Olive oil or Almond oil. Essential oil for scent. Optional, dried flower petals. 

Combine 1/2 cup of sugar or salt with 1/4 cup of oil. Add in a few drops of essential oil, and flower petals if you have them. Mix well and package in your jar or tin. 

 OR use a DIY Kit that includes everything you need!
Open box with three tins, three sets of flower petals, bags of sugar and salt, almond oil, two bottles of essential oil, and instructions to make body scrub


2. Custom Body Lotion

Woman applying lotion to her shoulder

A homemade body lotion is a unique gift to gift mom! Making body lotion at home is more difficult than making body scrub, but it is still completely possible! Since there are specialty ingredients and specific instructions to follow, we suggest using a DIY Body Lotion kit. Instead of using the included essential oils, try adding some of your mom's favorite perfume to make a custom-scented body lotion.


3. A Box of Hand-Made Chocolates

Two piles of chocolate truffles surrounded by flower petals

A box of chocolates is a classic Mother's Day gift. Try flipping the script by making gourmet chocolates at home! It's easier than it looks, and so fun to customize flavors and decorations. There are lots of tutorials online that will teach you how to make chocolates and what ingredients and tools you need. OR you could use a DIY kit! The kit includes high-quality ingredients and in-depth instructions that make the chocolate-making process easy and so fun. The kit also includes a gift box to package your chocolates! 

Check out our blog post on making gift-boxes at home (with free printables!) 

A variety of gift boxes and chocolates in the colors pink, red and yellow


We also have a blog post on making chocolate strawberries, yum! 

Plate of chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles


4. Hand-Crafted Soap

Young mother and young daughter smelling handmade soap

We all use soap every day, so why not DIY beautiful soap bars that will remind mom of your love every time she uses them? There are two methods of making soap: cold-process and melt-and-pour. If you are new to making soap, we suggest using the melt-and-pour method, as it is as easy as the name implies. Simply melt down a special soap base, add your colorants, scents, and any inclusions, pour into a soap mold, let it solidify, and you're done! You can find soap-making supplies at your local craft store. There are also DIY melt-and-pour kits available that have everything you need, including in-depth instructions. 


5. A DIY kit!

A stack of a selection of DIY making kits from Grow and Make

Instead of using a DIY kit to craft a gift, why not gift Mom the DIY experience? DIY kits are three gifts in one: the final product, the experience of making, and a new crafting skill! DIY kits are easy to find online. Grow and Make has a large variety of DIY kits to choose from, all with high-quality ingredients and in-depth instructions. 


6. A crafting experience to share

You can also gift Mom a DIY kit and do the crafting experience together! This way, you are also gifting her quality time with one of her favorite people. 

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