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October 24, 2022 3 min read

Looking for a last minute project to serve to your party guests, but don't really have the time for an involved project? We think these super cute chocolate treats are the perfect project that will impress your guests. They don't require baking or cooking and can be completed in under an hour. 

spooky chocolate playful candy graveyard on a platter

This time of year, I think we all want a fun and easy Halloween project, but we all tend to be too busy to get into overly intricate, spooky hors d'oeuvre like carved and stuffed vegetables and fruit. Pretty much everyone loves chocolate - so you can’t go wrong with serving this quick & easy perfect Halloween sweets.



  • Silicone candy molds
  • Chocolate chips - we suggest a few kinds, such as 1 package of white and 1 package of dark chocolate
  • Powdered food dyes, (we used all natural food dyes from ColorKitchen)
  • Microwave

Making Your Own homemade Chocolate Halloween Treats 


The steps for making these homemade treats are simple and easy to follow, and easily customizable to your flavor preferences and presentation goals. We recommend getting at least two different types of chocolate, because it’s fun to have some colors to play with. White chocolate can be mixed with just a little bit of powdered food dye for fun tints. We used green and orange in our examples. There is also a newer type of naturally pink chocolate, called Ruby Chocolate which is very fun to play with and can be more easily purchased online or in a specialty grocery store. It can also be found in our DIY Make a Box of Chocolate Kit! We used all natural dyes made by ColorKitchen and had a lot leftover for future projects.

These no-bake, quick and easy chocolate delights can be served on their own, or placed in small gift boxes and given out as little presents to your Halloween party guests. Interested in making your own gift box? Check out this blog for easy step by step instructions on making a heart box which can easily be turned into a beautiful deathly all hallows themed heart box. 

printable Halloween DIY gift box heart box color your own paper gift box

Step 1)

Get yourself some molds and make sure they are clean and dry! Fun Halloween shaped silicone molds are fairly cheap and easy to come by. We purchased these from Michaels Stores, but check your local craft store or Amazon if you don’t already have some in your cupboard. 

Step 2)

Melt chocolate chips in a microwave safe container, 10 seconds at a time, until they are fully melted. We found that a cup of chocolate chips fills about one tray. Obviously the volume will vary depending on the tray you are using, but a cup at a time seems like a good amount. Also, the chocolate will start to cool, and get more difficult to work with, so we found this to be an easy measurement to use. 

Step 3)

Add powdered food dye if you are using it. Mix in about a ¼ teaspoon for 1 cup of chocolate. Check the color and add more if desired. We recommend preparing all the types of chocolate at once, so you can have a full color palette.

Step 4)

Fill the molds using a butter knife. This allows you to push it into the little detailed areas of the mold, and then scrape off the excess if it is overfilled. Once you have filled all the cavities of the mold, give it a bit of shake and jostle to encourage any air bubbles to rise to the surface. 

Step 5)

Leave chocolate to cool. If you want to speed up the process, place the trays on a plate and put them in the refrigerator for about a half hour. 

Step 6)

Release the chocolates from the molds! Arrange on a plate, or fill a Gift Box of Chocolates for a friend. 

Keep in mind that homemade treats don’t need to be perfect, and in fact a few flaws will just add to the Halloween feel! Our green witch face came out with a small bubble on her nose and made it look even more authentic.

Step 7)

Enjoy your treats! Eat them all (just not all at once!) This easy melt & pour chocolate project is easily adaptable for all your holiday parties.




Download the heart-shaped gift box PDF here 


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