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Valentine’s Day DIY Heart Shaped Gift Box

Valentine’s Day DIY Heart Shaped Gift Box

Looking for the perfect DIY project to impress your Valentine? With this free printable & tutorial, you’ll learn how to make the cutest heart-shaped box that is ready to fill up with sweets and treats!


Click on the links to download, then save and print!

Page 1 // Page 2

We printed these templates on cardstock so that the box would be sturdy enough to hold chocolate truffles, but you could print it on regular paper too.



Once you have everything printed, decorate the pages!  Make sure to create your designs on the blank side of the pages so that the lines do not show. Carefully cut each pattern out with scissors or an x-acto knife.



The long rectangular strips will make up the sides of your boxes. Pre-fold these strips along the dotted lines.

Tape or glue the notched edge to the heart lid, using the interior solid lines as guides. Once done, tape the top and bottom corners of the heart together.

Repeat the process for the top and bottom lids, then fill and enjoy!

Holiday DIY Favorites

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Custom DIY Kits

If you are interested in a custom DIY kit for your party, event or group, let us know. We can put something together for you. Birthday parties, company team building, family night or a book group that wants to do something outside the box. We can setup a candle making kit, candy making package or any of our kits for your event. Just let us know.

Cocktail bitters making could be a lot of fun for a party or as a DIY corporate gift.

Daily Musings

We are sometimes asked if our cheese kits can be used with almond or soy milk. Our product manager Ingrid answers this question: Thank you for your question! These cheese recipes react with the whey and animal enzymes found in animal milk. To make cheese from Soy or Almond milk is a different process and requires different components. Our kits are not suitable for making vegan cheese.



A few weekend favorites.

Happy Hanukkah!

Portland Timbers make it to the MLS Championship game on December 8th. Congratulations Timbers!

I wanted to give a shout out to Hyatt hotels for their recent move to providing re-usable water bottles and filtered water stations at their hotels (the one I stayed at recently). It’s great to see this shift in direction away from disposable plastic bottles.

It’s a new DIY day…

This video of these Eritrean children discovering snow for the first time with their new life in Canada, is special.