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Holiday DIY Favorites

We have a selection of DIY Holiday Favorites. Check them out and take %15 off (coupon code: DIYfavorites)

Custom DIY Kits

If you are interested in a custom DIY kit for your party, event or group, let us know. We can put something together for you. Birthday parties, company team building, family night or a book group that wants to do something outside the box. We can setup a candle making kit, candy making package or any of our kits for your event. Just let us know.

Cocktail bitters making could be a lot of fun for a party or as a DIY corporate gift.

Daily Musings

We are sometimes asked if our cheese kits can be used with almond or soy milk. Our product manager Ingrid answers this question: Thank you for your question! These cheese recipes react with the whey and animal enzymes found in animal milk. To make cheese from Soy or Almond milk is a different process and requires different components. Our kits are not suitable for making vegan cheese.



A few weekend favorites.

Happy Hanukkah!

Portland Timbers make it to the MLS Championship game on December 8th. Congratulations Timbers!

I wanted to give a shout out to Hyatt hotels for their recent move to providing re-usable water bottles and filtered water stations at their hotels (the one I stayed at recently). It’s great to see this shift in direction away from disposable plastic bottles.

It’s a new DIY day…

This video of these Eritrean children discovering snow for the first time with their new life in Canada, is special.

Beautiful and heartfelt animation.

DIY AI -It’s here

I just discovered that with my Amazon Dot and Alexa  I can have it help with chore reminders, instructions for house guests and babysitters, as well as create custom responses to question with Blueprints. There are a range of blueprints you can use. It’s kind of a DIY AI for your home. Check it out.