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Make at Home Kits

By Contributing Editor Kristina Strain

Save a cruddy old binder from the landfill by repairing broken or crooked binder rings, and turning it into something cool and personalized.


1 ugly binder, ready to be resurrected and beautified

1 roll of duct tape. Look for brightly colored or patterned tape in craft stores.

Stickers and sharpies to spruce up the outside

The first step is to cover the entire binder with duct tape. When taping over the hinges, make sure you lay the binder out flat so the tape won’t buckle when you open the cover. For a different look, you could try using two different colors of duct tape, for stripes or a border.

Once your binder is covered, it’s time to realign that broken binder ring.

Open the binder rings. Push firmly on the opened ring parts, adjusting them so they’ll meet correctly.

Close the rings to check your alignment, and repeat if necessary.

Personalize your binder however you choose! Here, I used stickers and sharpies to spice things up, but items such as photographs, fabric scraps, wallpaper, or bumper stickers can also be used. The important thing is to use what you have on hand.

Now, load up your spiffy re-made binder with some recycled-content looseleaf paper, and get to class!