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Happy Eclipse Day

I'm writing this during the total eclipse of the sun from my front porch in Portland Oregon. It's an eerie and strange confluence and must have been truly frightening for people who did not understand the source of it in earlier times. Fun to think it will be back in...

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Exceptional Times

Here at Grow and Make we don't usually comment on or make political statements, but these are exceptional times. So much so, that it seems we all have a responsibility to make clear where we stand and what we do not see as acceptable in terms of values. We do state...

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Seeing the future through the lens of the past

I've been reading Sapiens and it is a truly great read. The author makes the story of human evolution fascinating through his excellent writing. Bill Gates and President Obama both recommend it as a favorite read from the Summer.   If you have ever needed to mend...

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The Waning Days of Summer

Will Johnston - Grow and Make Founder & Owner Our camping trips have wound down and my kids are doing their back to school shopping. I feel the air and light changing toward Autumn. Here at Grow and Make we're very busy as we approach the holidays. If you ever...

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The View from Portland Oregon

One week from today is the total solar eclipse. Since Grow and Make is in Portland Oregon, we'll have a great vantage from which to view. If you're in Portland to see it, drop by and visit. I recently discovered this Oi Ocha green tea and have to say I love it. I'm...

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Food for Thought: Goat Cheese and Chocolate Truffles

In our September DIY Subscription we are providing subscribers with a complementary blend of Goat Cheese and Chocolate Truffle making. The combination is a popular blend and one we think you will be delightfully happy to have discovered. Albert Wegner is a venture...

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Daily Musings

On this day in 1977 Gerald Ford was golfing with Jackie Gleason. Check out the presidential pants...   I follow Tim Ferris on Twitter, listen to his podcasts, read his weekly email and now I'm watching his new 'Fearless' series on television. Tim provides...

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I find that the word 'phenomenal' is quite often used inappropriately. Someone will say something like 'this ice cream is phenomenal'. The definition is 'very remarkable; extraordinary'. When I listened to this story this morning regarding a scientist editing the dna...

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Happy August!

This week is going to be baking here in PDX with record temperatures expected. BBQ Pizza We recently made a pizza on the BBQ using home made mozzarella from our DIY Italian Cheese Making Kit. Making a barbeque pizza is pretty easy. Make a simple pizza dough and then...

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How to Make Lavender Soap

One of the our favorite tricks for our DIY Soap Making Kits is to add dried lavender buds. If you want a textured side to the soap, just sprinkle the herbs across the top of the soaps before they completely cool. If you want to make soap that has an exfoliating...

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April at Grow and Make

All of us here at Grow and Make like to be creative, and we find that this is one of our favorite times of the year! We will be publishing fun and educational posts, like this one, every month! We love to learn about how to grow and make things, and everything else we...

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