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The hero of Lauren Hillenbrand’s Unbroken died this morning at 97 years of age. If you haven’t read Unbroken, the true account of Louis Zamperini’s story of a path from Olympic runner to WWII POW, you can treat yourself to a great Summer read. They just don’t make m’ like Louis any more.


I was a fan of Malcolm Gladwell after reading his first big hit The Tipping Point. However, in more recent writing I have to say I became more skeptical of his claims and the pop science and psychology which he promoted. Apparently his claim that you can gain mastery in 10,000 hours of practice is meeting with skepticism. Read More.


While we all love the road trip, most of us know that environmentally it’s not all the sustainable to load up and hit the high road. Fortunately there are some ways to minimize your impact. Slate gives us 13 to consider before heading out.



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