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Grab a kit and a friend and learn how to make candles at home. Our kits include everything you need.

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Give a Gift That is Meaningful

DIY kits make a great gift to give to a friend or relative.

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Make Something for Someone

With our easy to use DIY kits you can create unique and meaningful gifts for your loved ones.

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Make Something with Friends

Have fun with your friends while making your own household and beauty products with our easy to use DIY kits.

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Kombucha Making Kit

DIY Beverage Making Guide

Learn how to make Wine, Beer, Kombucha, Chai, Soda & more.

Cupcake Soap Making Kit

DIY Candles & Soap Making Guide

Learn how to make Candles, Soaps, Bath Salts & more.

Canning Kits

DIY Garden & Preserving Guide

Learn how to make Growing, Pickling, Fermentation & more.

Body Lotion Kit

DIY Bath & Body Guide

Learn how to make Lotions, Balms, Grooming & more.

Hot Sauce Making Kit

DIY Culinary Guide

Learn how to Make Cheese, Candy, Sauces, Condiments & more.

Alembic Distiller

All DIY Articles

Learn how to make Toys, Electronics, Clothing & much more.

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