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Product Announcements and Updates
We are regularly releasing new products and frequently updating and improving our existing products. We can keep you up to date on the latest with our kits through our newsletter or our social media links.

Articles and Tid-bids on Making, DIY and Crafting
Our product specialists are constantly finding insights and ideas for crafting and DIY lifestyles. Typically we have a new article every week and insights we like to share every day.
Make your own toothpaste
How to DIY your kitchen

News and Events related to DIY and the Maker Community
The world is full of crafty makers and we track trends, news and events taking place in the DIY community. You can find links to these stories in our newsletter or by following us through social media.
Maker Fair kicks off
Thrift Stores are a growing in popularity
Meet the Maker: September

Updates to the Grow and Make DIY Guides
We have guides on the most popular DIY categories. The guides are where we accumulate articles, discussions, blog posts, product announcements and more into one location. We'll let you know when a guide is updated. Getting Started with Making Soda
Soda Recipes

News from our Discussion Forums Join in the conversation in our discussion forums. We have a topic for most kit and DIY related topics. You can ask the community for insights or read past discussions to learn more.
Getting Started with Soap Making
Getting Started with Cold Process Soap Making
Inspired designs and soaps

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