Guide: DIY Beverage Making

DIY One Gallon Wine Making Recipe and Instructions

How to Make Fruit Juice Wine at Home People have been making wine for far longer than they have been writing recipes. Wine-making, like any art form, ranges from quite simplistic to incredibly precise methods. There are literally volumes upon volumes of books that...

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Making Kombucha FAQ – Learn How to Make Kombucha

Making kombucha is an art and a science. With this FAQ we are accumulating your questions and attempting to provider answers. If you have anything you'd like to add please join the discussion on our discussion boards. Q. What is kombucha? A. Kombucha is a fermented...

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How to Distill Spirits at Home

A guide to craft spirit distillation There is a new movement to make local, small batch craft spirits or hard liquor. This movement is inspired by those seeking to make high quality gins, whiskeys, vodkas or rums which have a distinctive personal touch. In this...

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