Total Happiness Guarantee. If for any reason you are every dissatisfied with one of our kits we will send replacement parts or provide a full refund.Total Happiness Guarantee. If for any reason you are ever dissatisfied with one of our kits we will send replacement parts or provide a full refund.

Satisfaction Guarantee
We guarantee your total customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with one of our products let us know and we'll provide a full refund. We may require that you ship it back to us or detail why you are unhappy, but we do want to hear from you and make it right.

Returns should be sent to:
7202 NE Glisan St.

mail and package iconsPortland, OR

Please include original packaging.

International Shipping
We can provide an estimate for international shipping. International shipping requires pre-payment for the items and shipping cost and no returns will be accepted. Please email support to inquire about shipping to your location outside of the contiguous United States.

Customer Support
We are committed to providing you with comprehensive customer support. Please reach us through one of the following:

You can email us

Send us mail:
2143 NE 12th Ave
Portland, OR 97212

You can call us 9-5 PST Monday through Friday
877 242 9041

You can skype us at Growandmake

You can Chat with us

A-Z Sustainability
Grow and Make is committed to A-Z sustainability as a part of our business. As a part of our commitment we try to use re-usable, recycled and environmentally sound materials in our packaging and shipping. We also review all business practices to identify opportunities for increased sustainability and any new product or partnership has sustainability as a part of the consideration of whether we proceed. Whenever possible our buyers buy locally, organic and from companies that practice sustainability.

We use UPS for most of our shipping. Typically package take 1-2 days to process and ship and then 3-7 business days to arrive depending on your location.

Expedited Shipping If you need expedited shipping we can work with you to either ship Priority Mail or Express, but we will have to add the cost to your purchase price. You will be sent a shipping confirmation email when your order ships.

Damaged Shipments
Occasionally products are damaged in shipment. You should immediately inspect the delivery for shipping damage and CONTACT US WITHIN 48 HOURS OF DELIVERY AT 877-242-9041 (Excluding holidays and weekends) to report any damage.

Please call us 877-242-9041 to set up a return for a damaged product.

We stand by everything we say on our site.

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